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Safety T-Shirts, NSC Survey Results

For Road Workers of All Kinds, New NSC Survey Points Scarily to the Need for Bright Safety T-Shirts for a Safer Work Environment

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A very recent article by Fred Hosier of the Safety News Alert website had us slapping our foreheads in astonishment at the level of foolishness that seems to be increasing, not decreasing, in American life. And the National Safety Council survey Mr. Hosier reports upon is a downright scary indication of the need for increased visibility for ALL kinds of outdoor and road-based workers in our country – a need for increased visibility that can even be solved partially with just the use of brightly colored safety t-shirts and vests.

According to Hosier’s reporting and analysis of the recent NSC survey, “despite the known risks, many U.S. drivers are still very much distracted on the road.” But wait until you actually read the statistics – they’ll blow you away in astonishment that adults operating two-ton vehicles can be so clueless when it comes to their safety as well as to the safety of men and women working in outdoor settings across America.

“The NSC conducted the survey online from a total of 2,409 respondents who have a valid U.S. driver’s license, drive a vehicle, and own a cell phone. The survey was released in conjunction with NSC’s Distracted Driving Awareness Month in April.”

Here’s what they found:

*Fifty-one percent of licensed U.S. drivers said they’d use a hands-free device to talk on the phone while driving. Thirty percent of drivers said they don’t talk on the phone while driving, while 19% of people said they’d hold the phone in their hands. The NSC cautions that using hands-free devices, like head-sets and built-in speakerphones, is just as dangerous as holding the phone while driving. Drivers can miss up to 50% of what’s happening on the road while talking on any kind of cell phone, according to the NSC.”

*Sixty-six percent of people would talk on the phone while driving through a parking lot.

*Forty-three percent of people would take a phone call while driving on a highway.

*Two-thirds of drivers feel unsafe because of other drivers’ distractions. But just 25% of people recognized their own distractions put other people at risk.

*Seventy-four percent of people would use Facebook behind the wheel.

*An astounding 34% of people would use YouTube while driving!!!

What these rather terrifying statistics say to us about drivers like teenagers, busy moms, and hectic, over-worked dads, is that there are a huge number of drivers on the road today who are not seeing the lawn care workers, construction crews, traffic cops, joggers and runners, tree crews, paint crews, etc. who earn their living outdoors and who must contend with completely distracted drivers each and every day of their work lives.

Fortunately, while laws against distracted driving still need to be tightened as well as enforced more stridently all across the United States, the use of highly visible safety t-shirts, vests and sweatshirts in bright yellow, orange and green colors can help to make workers more visible on the roads, in the parking lots, and on the greenways next to streets of our country. Considering the increased danger posed to these hard-working men and women by cellular technologies used by oblivious drivers, it’s veritably the least a company or an individual can do to protect their workers or themselves – wear bright safety apparel while on the job at all times!

The NSC conducted this survey online from a total of 2,409 respondents who reported to have a valid U.S. driver’s license, drove a vehicle, and owned a cell phone. The NSC survey was released in conjunction with NSC’s Distracted Driving Awareness Month in April. You can read the entire article here.

Please check-out our fine lines of inexpensive and safety-enhancing safety t-shirts, safety sweatshirts, and safety vests available for men and women today.

Stay safe.




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